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ESN International news - Mon, 17/06/2019 - 12:43

Between the 19th and 22nd of May, members of the Erasmus Student Network and the Erasmus Mundus Association gathered in Brussels for the GlobErasmus training. It aimed at educating the participants about global citizenship and global competencies developed through different organisations and reinforcing them through workshops and training sessions with external partners with an overall goal of empowering the Erasmus alumni and volunteers.

GlobErasmus is one of many steps ESN is taking in expanding own horizons and keeping up with the developments of the new Erasmus programme which aims to expand globally.  The training allowed for new knowledge and a wider perspective on activities we are already implementing and the ones we could organise to ensure even larger impact and spread our mission of "students helping students" globally.

Right from the start, the participants had the opportunity to learn how different organisations approach the topic of global citizenship from guests such as Ajaree Tavornmas from Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM), Sebastiano Putoto from Young European Federalists  (JEF) and Jo Deman from World Organisation of Scout Movement (WOSM).

In the following days, participants continued to further explore the relation between their organisations and global citizenship education with a focus was on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Participants of GlobErasmus analysed activities of their own organisations that already tackle SDGs and explored new methods of approaching them.  Together, they began building a set of recommendations that address each of the SDGs in relation to the fields of actions of the organisations.

Finally, the goal of setting the ground for potential collaboration between ESAA members focused on the topic of global citizenship and competence will result in a Toolkit about Citizenship Education in ESAA organisations based on the inputs from participants of the GlobErasmus.

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The event was organised by the Erasmus Student Network and the Erasmus Mundus Association, in partnership with ESN Greece and funded by the Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Alliance (ESAA).

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Il Tuo Erasmus Con ESN 2019

ESN Italia - Tue, 11/06/2019 - 14:00
Language Italian

Il Progetto ‘’Il tuo Erasmus con ESN’’ rappresenta la partecipazione di ESN Italia alla vita studentesca e il proprio coinvolgimento all’interno del programma Erasmus.

Grazie a questo progetto viene messo a disposizione degli studenti, regolarmente iscritti presso una delle tante università italiane, un contributo economico che andrà a sommarsi quello regolarmente erogato dall'università e dall'Unione Europea.


La decisione sulla distribuzione dei contributi economici viene presa attraverso un ‘’concorso’’ risolto in una prova scritta che si terrà, quest'anno, in data 3 luglio 2019. La prova scritta avrà come oggetto lo svolgimento di un tema secondo le tracce che verranno indicate dalla commissione addetta a seguire il progetto.


La valutazione verrà svolta secondo precisi criteri esplicitati in una griglia di valutazione fornita ad ogni commissione di primo livello adibita alla supervisione ed alla valutazione.

La Commissione di primo livello, dopo aver valutato le prove scritte, invierà alla commissione di secondo livello un numero di temi che non superi il 10% dei partecipanti.

Verrà in seguito effettuato un confronto tra i temi migliori emersi dalle varie Sezioni italiane prima da una Commissione di secondo livello e, successivamente, da una di terzo livello; e ai migliori si assegneranno i contributi economici che quest’anno sono 3 con un valore di 1000€ ciascuno!


Cosa stai aspettando?

Se sei regolarmente immatricolato presso uno degli Istituti di Istruzione Superiore ove sia presente una sezione locale di ESN Italia aderente al progetto e sei risultato assegnatario di:


• una borsa di studio nell’ambito del programma Erasmus+ ai fini di studio, relativa all’anno accademico 2019/2020;

• una borsa di studio nell’ambito del programma Erasmus+ ai fini di traineeship, relativa all’anno accademico 2018/2019 (purché non abbiano partecipato all’edizione precedente dello stesso bando) o 2019/2020.





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Spotlight Title: Il Tuo Erasmus Con ESN 2019

Section in the Spotlight, June 2019: ESN Lisboa!

ESN International news - Mon, 03/06/2019 - 10:47

The winner of the last Section in the Spotlight of this semester takes us to the south of Europe where the land meets the Atlantic ocean. We will be transferred to one of the nicest European capitals which is famous for the dessert called pastels. Let’s meet the winner of this month - ESN Lisboa.

The section was founded in 2008 by nine former exchange students. Even though there are multiple universities in the city, they decided to found only one section to establish good relations with all universities. ESN Lisboa has been growing quite fast, especially due to a high number of former exchange students. Nowadays there are 60 active members who work in eight section departments (e.g. Sports and Trips, Integration and Cultural Events, Human Resources) and are managed by six board members.

Every semester ESN Lisboa recruits new members. Whoever wants to become a member of the section has to go through an interview with experienced members. After that, potential members help for a month with the section’s agenda and then they are evaluated and promoted to junior members. After  3 more months, the General Assembly votes on the seniority and junior members become full members of the section.

Not only do they have a strong team of current members, but ESN Lisboa also cooperates with section Alumni. The Alumni network provides the section with guidance and support whenever it is needed. To fully integrate Alumni into the section’s work, there is an annual gathering called the History Day organised. Alumni have a chance to tell their stories to the current members and remind them of the history of the section itself.

As it was said earlier, section members are its most valuable asset, therefore, there are many events organised to strengthen their relationships, keep their motivation and teach them more about ESN. For example, the Team Buildings take place every semester and they are targeted especially at newbies. The event is aimed at teaching newbies everything about ESN through a series of workshops with examples of real-life situations and how to deal with them. Last but not least, there is an event called ESN Lisboa Upgrade. This event is also organised for its members and is dedicated to all section positions and their specifications, especially to the transition of new candidates who achieve the important positions within the section.

Apart from internal events, ESN Lisboa organises lots of events for exchange students. Working in a lively city like Lisbon brings many opportunities to integrate international students into the local way of living. It is worth mentioning that members of the section organise the event called Surf Days where international students can learn how to surf. Furthermore, there are trips to other Portuguese cities, hiking trips to national parks nearby, events like indoor climbing and many more sporting activities.

ENS Lisboa also organises parties during each semester. At the beginning of the semester, there is the biggest Mega Welcome Party where more than 1 000 students have fun and meet each other. In addition, the section organises PubCrawls, free live concerts, Quiz and Movie Nights and Pool Parties etc.

In ESN Lisboa members believe that integration is meant to be implemented not only between exchange students but also between exchange and local students. To maintain this they use Papaya Buddy System where there are more than 600 registrations per semester. In order to help international students with their start in the new city, the section members publish the Welcome Book. This almost 100-page guide consists of all information needed for better integration of international students. There are tips for moving abroad, information about the city, accommodation, universities, ESN events, traditions, must-see places and more.



ESN Lisboa also put an emphasis on social issues. They believe that the Erasmus+ programme is a strong tool to bring about change. Thanks to a successful application for an ESAA grant the members were able to help a disadvantaged community in central Lisboa, for example, help a family of a single mother with four children to rebuild their apartment. The section organises many more events aimed at social issues where they help local communities, homeless people, abandoned animals etc.


The principle ‘students helping students’ is taken very seriously in ESN Lisboa. The section with its 10-year-long history has been working ever since to become a place where members can find not only friends but become a family of ESNers who they can always rely on. And thanks to their hard work and tons of events organised every semester, they assure the unforgettable memories and experiences for international and local students.

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Section in the Spotlight - ESN Lecce

ESN Italia - Wed, 22/05/2019 - 10:29
Language English

The winning Section of Section in the spotlight, may edition, is ESN Lecce with the event Visioni parallele

The project, in collaboration with the Association Unione Ciechi Lecce, consists of three tasting meetings in the darkness of local drinks, like beer, wine and licors from Salento.

At the first meeting, the participants were divided into groups of 3 or 4. First, they handed their phones and received eye masks, later visual-impaired waiters let them sit in a completely dimly-lit room.

The Erasmus students, together with other participants, were guided by a group of visually-impaired experts through a captivating path of smells and tastes, in the dark they were able to experiment for more than two hours the life of blind people, discovering themselves again and looking out to a new world, trying as well to learn how to interact with it.

Participants asked several questions about accessibility and social inclusion, showing interest towards the topic.

Another positive note for the realization of the event was the financing, completely covered by the Student Council and the suppliers of local products.

The other two meetings are already fully booked with more than 70 participants, including 45 Erasmus students.

This event fits perfectly into the Social Inclusion Days, two weeks during which the Erasmus students realize the difficulties that the disabled people encounter on their daily journey.

Spotlight Title: Section in the Spotlight - ESN Lecce

Section in the Spotlight - ESN Lecce

ESN Italia - Wed, 22/05/2019 - 10:11
Language Italian

La sezione vincitrice del Section in the Spotlight di maggio è ESN Lecce con l’evento Visioni parallele.

Il progetto, in collaborazione con l’associazione Unione Ciechi Lecce, consiste in tre incontri di degustazione al buio di bevande esclusivamente locali, come birra, vino e amari salentini.

Durante il primo incontro, i partecipanti sono stati divisi in gruppi da tre o quattro persone e fatti accomodare da alcuni camerieri ipovedenti in una saletta completamente oscurata, previa fornitura di mascherina e consegna dei cellulari.

Gli studenti Erasmus, insieme agli altri partecipanti, sono stati guidati in un coinvolgente percorso di odori e sapori da un gruppo di esperti ipovedenti, al buio hanno potuto sperimentare per più di due ore la vita dei non vedenti, scoprendosi nuovamente e affacciandosi verso un altro mondo, provando ad imparare anche come relazionarcisi.

I partecipanti hanno posto diverse domande su accessibilità e inclusione sociale mostrandosi veramente interessati all’argomento.

Altra nota positiva per la realizzazione dell’evento è stata il finanziamento, completamente coperto dal Consiglio degli Studenti e dai fornitori dei prodotti locali.

Gli altri due incontri vedono già le iscrizioni al completo con più di 70 partecipanti tra cui 45 Erasmus.

Questo evento si inserisce perfettamente nell’ambito dei Social Inclusion Days, due settimane in cui sensibilizzare gli studenti Erasmus alle difficoltà che i diversamente abili incontrano sul loro cammino quotidiano.

Spotlight Title: Section in the Spotlight - ESN Lecce

Section in the spotlight, May 2019: ESN Oviedo!

ESN International news - Thu, 09/05/2019 - 15:06

The story of ESN Oviedo started back in 2011 when they became a section of ESN Spain. A year later, their voices were already loudly heard. A thousand voices to be exact - during a national event, a thousand people gathered and sang the regional anthem, the Asturian one, breaking a world record. What a way to start their journey that will sometime after lead them to spotlight!

ESN Oviedo works in an efficient team made out of a five-member board and a General Assembly - all section members that have the right to propose any topic and contribute to the development of the section with new ideas. This way, everyone is included in the work of the section. On the other hand, members work in committees specialised on certain fields, always bearing in mind to follow the causes of ESN. The events cover sports, parties, socially inclusive and cultural events. In fact, some of these events earned them recognition not just within the network, but all around their local community as well!

There is no better way to bond than through sports and culture.

To keep their students active and in good health, ESN Oviedo organises dynamic sports events, such as football, volleyball, basketball and rugby matches or hiking and promenades in nature. Not to forget the perks of being on the coast - beach volleyball and surfing are often on the ‘events menu’.

Activities that serve to have students bond with the locals and between themselves are also numerous, and they include international dinners, speed friending, or the heartwarming “Host an Erasmus for Christmas”. Making the students feel like an important part of the community comes with organising blood donations, strolls to animal shelters, and visits to the nursing home.

ESN Oviedo tries hard to introduce the incoming students to not only Spanish but also to the regional and local culture, by organising city tours telling the beautiful history of the Asturias region in order to let the Erasmus students know the area in depth. However, the Spanish culture gets its time to shine during events such as Tandem, Film and Poetry Evenings that also aim to improve the students’ language skills.

Feeling the region through cultural exchange.

These inclusive and cultural exchange-pumped events do for sure make them constantly proud, but there is one certain activity that made noise all over the Asturias region. For two years, ESN Oviedo organised Rural Erasmus in Schools (EiS), while the next year’s event is already in the making.

Last year, the section paid a visit to a school in Panes, a very rural village situated on the eastern boundary of Asturias that has only 568 inhabitants. The purpose of this Rural EiS was to show the Erasmus students another part of Asturias, its unique and ancient culture, and to give the local students the opportunity to have direct contact with other cultures which they may not have the chance to meet due to the isolation of their village.

This year, they tried to go even further. In March, they organised a whole Rural EiS Weekend in Grandas de Salime, a village of 853 inhabitants situated on the western boundary of Asturias, in a unique area with a very special cultural mixture of Galician and Asturian features. In this very traditional and rural landscape, there was only one school in the village, which they visited with eight international students.

Among other things, the international students presented their countries to primary school students through facts, traditional dances and food; had a chat and a debate with secondary school students; lived the experience as pilgrims; visited the “castros” (traditional and ancient houses of the inhabitants of these valleys) with local children to learn about the carnival traditions and “fala”, the endangered language of the area. Thanks to this activity, ESN Oviedo appeared on the regional Asturian television (TPA), in the main regional newspaper (La Nueva España) and took part in an interview with a Youtube radio, where the international students talked about the weekend and the benefits ESN Oviedo brings for them.

Now, why is this activity so precious and valuable? Because ESN Oviedo managed to introduce international students to the rural and traditional areas of the region, to promote the culture of the region, to provide the locals with a touch of different countries’ cultures, and to promote international students as the ambassadors of intercultural learning and global citizenship. What a way to work for the right cause!

Family and friendship above all.

Since they were founded in 2011, ESN Oviedo has achieved a lot. Last year alone, they managed to double the number of their members and days of Welcome Week and increased the number of their trips, showing unknown places in Spain to their international students.

They say for themselves that they are a small section, but able to make a real impact on the international students and the local society, especially by carrying out projects such as Mov’in Europe and Erasmus in Schools. As they are the only ESN section in Asturias, they consider themselves responsible for the internationalisation of the region. Except for making their region a better place, their motivation also comes from the inside, from the section itself. They believe everyone should feel like they belong to a family, and that is how they treat their members and international students.

ESN Oviedo is one big family of mobility ambassadors that tries hard to leave an impact on both Erasmus students and their region while having great fun on the road. What more can you wish for from your ESN section?


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Social Inclusion Days & EiS Month: The Collaboration Wants you!

ESN Italia - Thu, 09/05/2019 - 09:59
Language Italian

In un anno di cambiamenti in cui viriamo verso le Causes di ESN, anche i nostri Progetti non son da meno… ed abbandonando i “classici schemi” di distinzione tra le varie attività, -a volte- visti come degli immutabili paletti… nell’ottica della Social Inclusion hanno deciso di valorizzare le loro migliori qualità, collaborando e dando modo all’intero Network di sfoggiare il meglio della loro inventiva!
In vista di queste settimane, infatti, le nostre 53 Sezioni, da sempre impegnate nell’organizzazione di eventi targati SocialErasmus, ExchangeAbility ed Erasmus in Schools, sono state guidate e incentivate ad organizzare attività che travalicano le caratteristiche dei singoli Progetti, a dimostrazione che, sebbene l’operato di ESN si dirami in tanti profili, il nostro Cuore è unico.
Lo scopo di questa “unione d’intenti” è proprio quello di spronare i nostri volontari alla realizzazione di attività “fuori dall’ordinario”, a dimostrazione che i Progetti non sono delle scatole vuote super standardizzate; si tratta, invece, di più “fiumi”, ai quali nessuno impedisce di incontrarsi per alcuni tratti e che scorrono tutti nello stesso senso e verso lo stesso obiettivo, ovvero quello di valorizzare e migliorare il grande mare che è il nostro NETWORK.
La realizzazione di questi eventi, infatti, offre non solo alle singole Sezioni ma soprattutto agli studenti in mobilità internazionale una possibilità di incontro, socializzazione, apprendimento interculturale e condivisione, che permette a questi ultimi di entrare davvero in contatto con il paese di scambio.
Ed è per questo che come studenti, come volontari, come Sezioni e come ESN ci stiamo mettendo in gioco durante i SID e l’EiS Month, mostrando le “Best Practicies” di Sezione o sfruttando l’occasione per lanciare in nuove iniziative, puntiamo a dare il nostro contributo alla società in cui viviamo, senza però dimenticare che queste attività, in fondo, sono solo alcune fette di una torta di giorni, che ne contiene ben 365.
Solo con il costante impegno di tutti è possibile lasciare il nostro Segno, siamo noi i protagonisti dell’Europa, siamo noi il vento del cambiamento, siamo noi ESN.
Non facciamoci sfuggire questa occasione!!


#SocialInlcusionDays #EiSMonth #LeaveYourMark #THISisESN


Spotlight Title: Social Inclusion Days & EiS Month: The Collaboration Wants you!

Social Inclusion Days & EiS Month: The Collaboration Wants you!

ESN Italia - Thu, 09/05/2019 - 09:57
Language English

This year we are undergoing a major shift towards the “causes” of ESN and our projects are not lagging behind...they are abandoning the typical distinctions between their various activities, which were sometimes perceived as unchangeable constraints… in a Social Inclusion perspective, the projects have decided to display their best qualities by collaborating, thus allowing the whole network to showcase the best of their creativity!

With the upcoming weeks in mind, our 53 sections, which have always been engaged in the organization of events labelled SocialErasmus, ExchangeAbility and Erasmus in Schools, have been supported and encouraged in the planning of activities that overcome the features of individual projects. This demonstrates that ESN, despite its multifaceted branches, shares one and only heart.

The aim of these common efforts is to motivate our volunteers to set up extraordinary activities, thus showing that projects are no empty and standardized boxes. Rather, they are to be understood as “streams”, where there is nothing preventing an encounter in some of their parts and which all flow in the same direction, towards the same goal. This goal is the valorisation and improvement of a large sea, that is, our network.

Indeed, these events offer individual sections but most importantly exchange students the opportunity to meet, socialize, share and deepen their intercultural knowledge, allowing them to fully experience their host country.

These are the reasons why we, as students, volunteers, ESN sections and ESN are committing ourselves during SID and EiS Month to share best practices between sections and to launch new initiatives. Our goal is to have an impact on the communities where we are living, keeping in mind that these events are only a small piece of the larger, 365-day pie a year is made of.

Only a joint and long-lasting commitment by all can allow us to leave our mark. We are the key actors in Europe. We are the wind of change. We are ESN.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

  #SocialInlcusionDays #EiSMonth #LeaveYourMark #THISisESN

Spotlight Title: Social Inclusion Days & EiS Month: The Collaboration Wants you!

La Generazione Erasmus vuole scegliere il futuro dell'Europa! E tu?

ESN Italia - Wed, 08/05/2019 - 22:29
Language Italian

La Generazione Erasmus vuole scegliere il futuro dell'Europa! E tu?

Il 9 maggio, Giornata dell'Europa, viene lanciato ufficialmente il video realizzato da Erasmus Student Network Italia, in collaborazione con l'Ufficio del Parlamento europeo in Italia, per promuovere la campagna "Stavolta voto" nel nostro Paese.

Erasmus Student Network Italia ha aderito alla campagna Stavolta voto, promossa dal Parlamento europeo per sensibilizzare i cittadini europei all'importanza del voto in vista delle Elezioni europee del 23-26 maggio 2019.

Per questa occasione è stato realizzato un video di cui sono protagonisti gli studenti Erasmus, che raccontano quali sono le motivazioni per cui andranno a votare per il nuovo Parlamento europeo.

"Siamo molto felici di aver realizzato questo video - dichiara Vittorio Gattari, Presidente di Erasmus Student Network Italia - in cui sono direttamente i giovani europei, protagonisti della cosiddetta Generazione Erasmus, ad invitare al voto i loro coetanei. I volontari della nostra associazione sono impegnati da mesi, in tutte le 53 sezioni locali italiane e oltre 500 in Europa, nella campagna lanciata dal Parlamento Europeo, ma con questo video abbiamo voluto dare voce agli studenti internazionali che stanno svolgendo ora la loro esperienza di studio e di vita in Italia. L’Erasmus è a detta di tutti il programma di maggior successo dell’Unione Europea, è un esempio virtuoso di integrazione europea ed è sicuramente un ottimo motivo per andare a votare il prossimo 26 maggio."

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) è la principale associazione studentesca in Europa che si occupa di promozione della mobilità internazionale. ESN Italia è il livello nazionale di questo network e da anni collabora con le principali istituzioni italiane ed europee su temi legati alla cittadinanza attiva.

ESN Italia sostiene la campagna #stavoltavoto del Parlamento Europeo.


Spotlight Title: La Generazione Erasmus vuole scegliere il futuro dell'Europa! E tu?

Section in the Spotlight - ESN ASSI Parma

ESN Italia - Fri, 12/04/2019 - 13:03
Language English

The winner of Section in the Spotlight for the month of April is ESN ASSI Parma, thanks to the project "Erasmus meets BLSD". The Section invested 2000 euros to finance the BLSD patent, valid all around Europe, to 50 Erasmus students. The opening conference took place on the 5th of March and it was held by many important speakers. BLSD courses were run in Italian, English and Spanish by the Italian Public Assistance and the Red Cross on the 6th, 7th, 11th and 13th of March. During these lessons, the students learnt the basic, essential first aid maneuvres in case of heart attack, its prompt identification and further steps that can be carried out also by non-healthcare professionals. Moreover, they practised the Heimlich, emergency and first aid manoeuvres.   The project highlighted the importance of an early and prompt intervention to save human lives.

Spotlight Title: Section in the Spotlight - ESN ASSI Parma

Section in the Spotlight - ESN ASSI Parma

ESN Italia - Fri, 12/04/2019 - 13:01
Language Italian

La vincitrice del Section in the Spotlight di aprile é ESN ASSI Parma, con il progetto "Erasmus meets BLSD". La Sezione ha investito 2000 euro per finanziare il brevetto BLSD, valido in tutta Europa, a 50 Erasmus.
Il giorno 5 marzo si é svolta la conferenza di apertura con la partecipazione di importanti relatori.
I corsi BLSD si sono tenuti il giorno 6, 7, 11 e 13 marzo dall'Assistenza Pubblica Italiana e dalla Croce Rossa in italiano, inglese e spagnolo.
Durante le lezioni i ragazzi hanno appreso le manovre fondamentali di primo soccorso in caso di arresto cardiaco, il suo riconoscimento tempestivo dell’insorgere dell’arresto cardiaco ed alcuni step che possono essere eseguiti anche da personale non sanitario. Inoltre hanno praticato le manovre di disostruzione, di emergenza e di soccorso al paziente traumatizzato.

Il progetto ha valorizzato l'importanza dell'intervento precoce e tempestivo per salvare vite umane.

Spotlight Title: Section in the Spotlight - ESN ASSI Parma

Section in the Spotlight, April 2019: ESN AGH Kraków!

ESN International news - Fri, 05/04/2019 - 10:30

This month’s edition of Section in the Spotlight will take us to central Europe. To the section which organises countless events, shows the culture of the city, and cooperates with other sections to bring unique experiences to incoming and also, local students. Read more about the inspirational members of the section ESN AGH Kraków!

ESN AGH Kraków was founded in 2006 by two members of the Students’ Council of AGH University of Science and Technology as an answer to the need of taking care of international students. Nowadays, the section consists of 72 regular members who do an amazing job every day.

There are many reasons for this. The first one being the carefully organised recruitment that takes place twice a year and consists of a couple of phases. Firstly, there is the promotion of the section consisting of public stands around the university with the introduction of the section and its function. Then, the students who are interested - both local and international - can fill in the application form and are invited to an assessment center. The last phase is a personal interview with potential candidates.

Also, there are many events organised for members. The most important one is the Newbies Camp. This event is a perfect way for newbies to get to know other members, boost their motivation, and pair with more experienced members as their buddies who are there to show them the ESN world in detail. Apart from this event, there are regular meetings such as ‘Workshops Weekends’ and ‘Saturday with ESN’ which three other sections from Kraków join and there are internal and external trainers invited, too. Finally, it is vital for ESN AGH Krakow to keep the family atmosphere so they usually organise celebrations of Easter and Christmas for all their members.

International students are fully involved in the section’s work. They attend the recruitment events, help to organise the flagship project of the section and also help the university’s Office of Foreign Affairs with leaflets, videos, etc. ESN AGH Krakow even has its own band run by international students!

To welcome international students there is the Orientation Week prepared for them every semester. Karaoke Party, City Game, visit to Weliczka the Salt Mine and weekend trips are not missing. Also, ESN AGH Kraków does their best to organise cultural events such as visiting local museums, going to philharmonic concerts, celebrating Christmas in a traditional way or planning cooking classes where international students can learn how to cook traditional Polish meals. A great weekly event which should be mentioned is the Tandem organised in cooperation with ESN Kraków United. During the event international students and also ESNers have a chance to try to talk to each other in several languages.

The flagship project of the section is Exchange Zone. It is a cyclical event which promotes mobility and culture among Polish students. The main idea is sharing experiences of students who have been on mobility in a chosen country and show its culture with the help of an international student from the same country.

The section also promotes events leading to inclusiveness. In the frame of ExchangeAbility the event called ‘You don’t need eyes to see’ takes place. During this event, attendees experienced what it's like to visit a museum as a blind person. The section also works on video episodes of ABLE TO MOVie where Kraków is shown as an accessible city and mobility is promoted among people with disabilities. For the SocialErasmus project the section is involved in the Noble Box Projects where they collect money and prepare Christmas presents for people and families who struggle financially. Also leaving international students can give their stuff they don’t need anymore to incoming students and help them to save some money. For all of this ESN AGH Krakoów within the ESN Kraków United was awarded as The Most Inclusive Section in Poland.

The section also promotes projects such as ErasmusIntern, ESN Survey where their alumni are the international coordinator, and ESNcard. Regarding ESNcard there is an ESNcard party held where partners and activities are promoted. Last but not least, ESN AGH Kraków contributed to the origin of International Erasmus Games in 2015.

The members of ESN AGH Kraków are not only visible within the section. Thanks to the promotion of the national and international level of ESN to the members, they are very active there. They even got the title as the best within the ESN Poland Association and the section with the biggest involvement. They eagerly implement new projects and best practices from both levels. There are regular meetings to discuss current projects and everything happening in the network.

The sentence which describes ESN AGH Kraków the best is: ‘We never give up’. They eagerly work to bring the best experience to the incoming students, to involve local students and help the whole network. Their biggest success was the organisation of this year’s CNR. Apart from their own events and activities planned every day they are also proud of the section cooperation which exists since 2012: ESN Uni Wien, ESN BME, ESN BFI, ESN BOKU, and ESN Usti. One can say that ESN AGH Kraków are unicorns among the ESN network - by the way, this thought is also proven by their choice of the mascot!

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National Erasmus Games 2019 - Comunicato Stampa

ESN Italia - Fri, 05/04/2019 - 00:00
Language Italian

A Parma i National Erasmus Games 2019


Dal 12 al 14 aprile a Parma le migliori squadre Erasmus nazionali si sfideranno nell'evento organizzato

da ESN Italia per promuovere i valori educativi e aggregativi dello sport


Parma, 5 aprile 2019. Sarà la città di Parma ad accogliere i National Erasmus Games 2019, la sesta edizione dell'evento sportivo a carattere nazionale attraverso il quale Erasmus Student Network Italia si fa promotrice della cultura del vivere sano e dello sport, con i suoi valori educativi, associativi e di aggregazione: un evento sportivo a carattere nazionale che vedrà arrivare a Parma, dal 12 al 14 aprile, centinaia di studenti appartenenti alle migliori squadre Erasmus nazionali.


Oggi la conferenza stampa di presentazione in Municipio, alla presenza del Sindaco di Parma Federico Pizzarotti, di Paolo Andrei, Rettore dell'Università degli Studi di Parma, di Gino Gandolfi, Presidente della Fondazione Cariparma, e di Vittorio Gattari, Presidente di ESN Italia, per una manifestazione che vede il coinvolgimento sinergico di Comune e Università, ma anche di tante altre realtà cittadine che offriranno il loro supporto per l'accoglienza e il soggiorno degli sportivi nelle due giornate.


I National Erasmus Games (NEG) sono vere e proprie "olimpiadi" Erasmus a livello nazionale che verranno disputate nelle giornate del 12, 13 e 14 aprile: saranno chiamate a partecipare le squadre che più si sono distinte negli sport prescelti (calcio a 5, basket e pallavolo) durante i tornei organizzati dalle singole Sezioni  ESN locali (saranno oltre 40). I NEG consistono in un progetto che coinvolge circa 22.000 atleti sparsi lungo la nostra penisola e che vedrà circa 300 partecipanti fronteggiarsi a Parma.


L'evento si inserisce nell'ambito di “Erasmus and Sport”, uno dei progetti di punta di ESN Italia, che ha l'obiettivo di promuovere e favorire, mediante l'organizzazione di attività ludico-sportive, l'integrazione e la coesione sociale tra studenti di nazionalità italiana e studenti stranieri ospiti in Italia in seno al progetto Erasmus+.


In particolare, il messaggio che l'evento si propone di diffondere è quello del “vivere sano” praticando attività fisica, con il valore aggiunto di creare aggregazione tra gli studenti stranieri: un progetto che punta quindi all'integrazione e alla coesione sociale attraverso lo sport e che unifica ed evidenzia l'uguaglianza.


Seguendo le direttive dell'Unione Europea e del programma Erasmus+ per la promozione dello sport Erasmus Student Network Italia ha da sempre investito i propri sforzi nell’organizzazione di eventi e progetti locali e nazionali a carattere sportivo con l’obiettivo di creare momenti importanti di integrazione sociale e culturale per gli studenti internazionali in scambio nel nostro paese.


Ma ESN Italia non si ferma a questi obiettivi e punta ancora più in alto: durante i NEG, infatti, verrà implementato anche un altro progetto internazionale, ExchangeAbility, con cui da anni il network nazionale intende dimostrare che l'Erasmus e lo sport sono accessibili a tutti. Un ulteriore progetto, ugualmente importante, che verrà implementato in questa edizione è SocialErasmus, attraverso il coinvolgimento di giovani rifugiati residenti nell’area interessata.


L’evento sarà organizzato con la collaborazione ed il patrocinio di Comune di Parma, CONI, Regione Emilia Romagna, Università degli Studi di Parma, CUS Parma, Agenzia Nazionale Giovani, Agenzia Nazionale Erasmus+Indire, Forum Nazionale Giovani, Fondazione Cariparma, Rappresentanza in Italia della Commissione europea.


Supporteranno inoltre l’evento: Pernod Ricard, Prozis, Barilla, Parmigiano Reggiano e i partner locali Al Bacio, UISP  Parma, Parma Calcio, TEP e Protezione Civile.


Section in the Spotlight - ESN Roma 3

ESN Italia - Tue, 12/03/2019 - 23:34
Language English

TheatrErasmus is a cultural project realized by the Italian section of ESN Roma 3. It consisted of a show titled “They call it Theatre” and it took place on the 7th of February. Erasmus students and ESNers acted in it and performed monologues and pieces taken from classics as “Big Kahuna”, “Dead Poets Society” and many more.
This is a flagship project that allows the participants to express their emotions freely.

ESN Roma 3 has won the February-edition of Section in the Spotlight thanks to the cultural project TheatrErasmus.
Despite having been introduced recently, this event has already become the flagship project. On the 7th of February, Erasmus students and ESNers performed in a show titled “They call it Theatre” with the aim of entertaining the audience. They presented themselves through the words of well-known figures of theatre, literature, cinema and television. They interpreted pieces and monologues taken from well-known classics such as “The Great Dictator”, “Big Kahuna”, “Dead Poets Society”, “Friends” and many more.

The students prepared the final show with the help of a teacher and professional actor during lessons that took place in the preceding months. Erasmus students had the chance not only to put themselves forward but also to express their emotions freely.

 Spotlight Title: Section in the Spotlight - ESN Roma 3

Section in the Spotlight - ESN Roma 3

ESN Italia - Tue, 12/03/2019 - 23:24
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La vincitrice del Section in the Spotlight di febbraio è ESN ROMA 3 con il progetto culturale TheatrErasmus. Nonostante sia stato introdotto solo quest’anno, è subito diventato il progetto di punta. Il 7 febbraio è stato organizzato uno spettacolo di fine semestre intitolato "They call it Theatre", che ha permesso agli erasmus e ad alcuni ESNers di condividere il palco e intrattenere il pubblico in sala, raccontandosi attraverso le parole di illustri personaggi del teatro, della letteratura, del grande e piccolo schermo. I ragazzi hanno interpretato e recitato spezzoni e monologhi presi da grandi classici quali "Il grande dittatore", "Big Kahuna", "L'attimo fuggente", "Friends" e molti altri.

La preparazione dello spettacolo è avvenuta durante le lezioni teatrali frequentate dai ragazzi nei mesi precedenti e grazie alla partecipazione e supervisione di un insegnante e attore professionista. È stata un'occasione che ha permesso non solo di mettersi in luce, ma ha anche dato agli erasmus la possibilità di esprimersi liberamente, lasciando andare le emozioni.

Spotlight Title: Section in the Spotlight - ESN Roma 3

Section in the Spotlight, March 2019: ESN Cluj-Napoca!

ESN International news - Fri, 01/03/2019 - 16:27

Trips to the heart of Romania, plenty of socially inclusive events, World Cafes, and a determined team of volunteers - all of this combined describes our March edition of section in the spotlight!
ESN Cluj-Napoca, the first section of ESN Romania, was founded in 2004, and now welcomes the biggest number of Erasmus+ students in the country, from all four of the universities in the city.
A good team doesn’t come unprepared
Having a large number of students requires great care and knowledge from the members. For this reason, ESN Cluj-Napoca recruits newbies twice a year. To keep the members educated, they hold General Meetings - regular departmental meetings, that include monthly workshops based on previous National Platforms or international events.
Before the semester kicks off, they organise a day dedicated specifically to newbies where they are taught the basics of ESN, ESN causes, and the way the section works. It is easier to memorise all of that information in a pleasant atmosphere, and for that reason the newbies take part in team-building games, followed by a dinner to get to know each other and connect with one another.

Now that they are all set to go…
After all these preparations, it is time to kick off the semester with daily activities running on for two weeks, which include buddy-student meetups, a professional city tour, visits to museums, a treasure hunt, speed friending, board games evenings, quiz nights on various topics, and many more. Erasmus Sports Competition, a local edition of International Erasmus Games, follows not long after, to keep the young muscles fit for the upcoming semester.

To show that Erasmus is not only about partying and sports, ESN Cluj-Napoca organises a rich programme promoting inclusiveness, not only during the Social Inclusion Days. They focus on the integration of the incoming students in the community and organise all kinds of events, such as: World Cafes, where they debate how they can fight discrimination; photo exhibitions based on the ESN causes; social thematic oriented Movie Nights, Blind Dates where participants are blindfolded; Erasmus in Schools to talk about stereotypes; Share a Smile Day in parks to spread hugs and smiles; and of course, visits to dog shelters to raise awareness of animal well-being. 


Nothing beats good old Dracula
But the activities that they believe are their flagship ones, are their trips. Romania is a large country with amazing landscapes and captivating folklore and legends, so it is no wonder that the trips are very successful. ESN Cluj-Napoca organises a one-day trip to Turda Salt Mine - a historical salt mine that after restoration became one of the most popular underground attractions of the area; a trip to Maramures, the heart of folkloric medieval Romania, and a trip to Moldova - the land of monasteries.
Furthermore, they participate in all national events: Escape to Vama Veche, a trip that marks the beginning of summer by heading off to the sandy beaches of the Black Sea’s Vama Veche; and Halloween in Transylvania - an adventure through Dracula’s realm.

Sharing (your culture) is caring

To show that Erasmus isn’t an exclusive community, ESN Cluj-Napoca tries hard to involve local students in their activities, make them meet the incoming students, and learn about their diverse cultures. Therefore, they have original events such as Travelling Evening, during which local students can learn how to travel on a budget, an international flag parade, or Intercultural Evenings where the students represent their countries through facts, traditional dishes and specific activities. At the same time, close connections with other NGOs and student organisations help to integrate incoming students into the community by organising activities and trainings (such as the one of Red Cross for first aid).

ESN Cluj-Napoca doesn’t stay local
The hard work of ESN Cluj-Napoca’s members isn’t only visible on the local level – on the contrary, they also actively take part in the work on the National and International levels, so in the past year alone they have had three of their members in the National Board, three members in the Communication Committee, and three members in the Network Committee.
The section’s oldest members encourage their volunteers to get involved on the other levels by telling their own experiences and stories, as well as trying to support them financially in their travel costs, with the help of universities.

All it takes is...

As a section that has been around for 15 years, they have had their ups and downs, but the determination and motivation of its members has kept it going all this time.
What are the reasons behind it? As they say, good knowledge transfer between generations, constant cooperation with the biggest university in Romania, and involvement in the higher levels of ESN.
At the same time, they never forget their roots and always represent them with pride. No wonder Erasmus students love coming there!


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